Wednesday afternoon is market day in Le Moule!

Every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm to 8pm, the local and night market in Le Moule, located between boulevard Général-de-Gaulle and rue Amédée-Fengarol in Le Moule, welcomes stalls from local producers and hawkers. Voted France’s 14th favourite market in 2019 (in a nationwide vote), it’s a great place to immerse yourself in local produce and gastronomy. If you’d like to discover it with a local guide, we invite you to follow the tour via this link ‘Le Moule: Local Market, Craft Rums & Street Food‘.

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It’s the fruit and vegetables in particular that give the market in Le Moule its changing colours as the seasons go by, allowing strollers to sample the local flavours. Visitors marvel at this colourful and tasty spectacle. Depending on the harvest, local farmers and market gardeners offer fresh fruit and vegetables all year round: avocados, yams, sweet potatoes, pineapples, bananas, Malay apples and papayas.


For a taste of the local produce, venture into the stalls between boulevard Général-de-Gaulle and rue Amédée-Fengarol, where local food products are highly prized.
Sugar cane juice, exotic fruit juices (dragon fruit, Ambarella, Malay apple, etc.) or freshly bottled coconut water. There’s no need to introduce the traditional Accras, which all too often steals the show from other local specialities that are well worth a diversion. These include cassave and bokit, which have made a name for themselves. Traditional cakes, Indian dishes, local sweets – take the time to stop, choose and talk to the producer, that’s the charm of the Le Moule food market.

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Along the way, one discovery follows another. Here, an exhibitor has transformed his stand into a fragrant and colourful garden, while there, a beekeeper offers local honey and royal jelly. A little further on, local spices take pride of place, while souvenirs and handicrafts are on display.

The Le Moule food market also offers traditional crafts. Traditional haberdashery, wicker baskets, herbal teas, natural soaps and cosmetics, and local beers. Temptations abound and shopping bags fill up quickly.


  • Dates and times: Every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm to 8pm (except public holidays).
  • Address: Between boulevard du Général de Gaulle and rue Amédée-Fengarol; 97160 Le Moule.
  • Bus routes to get there (check with Google Maps):
    • From Pointe-à-Pitre (from Darboussier bus station): Line S1 (Mairie de Sainte-Anne) to Cimetière de Sainte-Anne, then from Mairie de Sainte-Anne take line SA3 (Le Moule via Cocoyer) to the ‘Nelson Mandela’ stop. Then walk for around ten minutes to Boulevard Maritime. Total journey time is estimated at around 2 hours.
    •  From Le Gosier (from the Parc Paysager du Calvaire): take the AE1 (Bernard via L’houezel) and get off at Dunoyer, then take the S1 (Mairie de Sainte-Anne) and get off at Mairie de Sainte-Anne, then from Mairie de Sainte-Anne take the SA3 (Le Moule via Cocoyer) and get off at ‘Nelson Mandela’. Then walk for about 10 minutes to Boulevard Maritime. Total journey time is estimated at around 1? hours.
    • From Saint-François (from the bus station): take the S01 (Dubouchage station via RN4) and get off at Sainte-Anne town hall, then from Sainte-Anne town hall take the SA3 (Le Moule via Cocoyer) and get off at ‘Nelson Mandela’. Then walk about 10 minutes to the boulevard maritime. Total estimated time: around 1 hour and a half.